Industrial, mining and quarry state of the art tools
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Industrial product range

Garage Protools products are specifically engineered for the industrial and mining sector.

12 Month Warranty

12 Months Warranty

The warranty of our products has a validity of 12 months from the date appearing on the purchase document. The warranty certificate can be found in the end user manual provided along with the shipment.

12 Month Warranty

Spare parts in 24/48 hrs

We always have original spare parts whenever needed, available from the date of purchase and for the following 10 years. Our prompt spare parts service can reach any corner of the globe in only 24-48 hours. We also keep spare parts in our warehouse for models that have already gone beyond this time. Please check availability with our spare parts centre.

12 Month Warranty

Eco sustainability

Sustainability is an ethical commitment for a better environment. Producing in Italy is synonymous with processes conforming to the strictest laws in the world. We paint our products with eco friendly materials and our new painting unit is designed and made to use water-based eco friendly paint.

12 Month Warranty

Quality Control

Each product made undergoes final testing and inspection with automatic devices besides the ordinary tests established by the European Standards. It is then checked once again to guarantee its perfect working order.

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